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Young Adult

Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal

Scritto da: Robert Sydney Bowen E-book

Dave Dawson Adventure Series

“Dave knew that he was letting his anger get the better of him, but he couldn't help himself.”- Robert Sydney Bowen, Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal

A series of adventures during the WWII with Dave Dawson, a young pilot, the main character. Each Dave Dawson is packed with action, patriotism, and a historical fiction adventure set during WWII, perfect for middle grade and teen readers. Don't miss the full set of Dave Dawson books from Xist Publishing:
Dave Dawson at Casablanca
Dave Dawson at Dunkirk
Dave Dawson at Truk
Dave Dawson on Guadalcanal
Dave Dawson on the Russian Front
Dave Dawson with the Commandos
Dave Dawson with the R.A.F.

© 2016 Xist Classics (E-book) ISBN: 9781681955728

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