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Jesus' Sermon on the Mount

Scritto da: Martin Manser Letto da: David Pickering Audio

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount

Jesus’ powerful teaching in the Sermon on the Mount shows us how to live. How should I pray? How can I stop worrying? How can I speak with integrity? This fresh translation will help you take up the challenge of the radical lifestyle that Jesus wants for his followers.

Are you so familiar with the text of your preferred Bible version that it no longer speaks to you powerfully? Do you want to explore the message of the New Testament? Then this fresh, expanded translation of the New Testament (“Word Come Alive”) is for you. Respected Bible editor Martin Manser has included helpful phrases and background within the text. The result is an insightful translation that expresses the original in contemporary, natural English which will encourage you to respond to the good news of Jesus.

© 2020 Martin Manser (Audio) ISBN: 9781094298481

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