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Learning with Jesus: A Daily Devotional on the Gospels

Scritto da: Favell Lee Mortimer E-book

In Learning with Jesus: a daily devotional on the gospels we will have a daily message inspired by the Holy Bible.

There are 365 messages, one for each day of the year.

Make this book a learning at the feet of Christ.

Can there be any account in the world that is interesting to us as the history of our Lord and Savior, while I have spent thirty-three years upon earth? There were people with him who heard his sayings and observed his actions. Four holy men, as you are aware, wrote accounts of his life. It might well be supposed that these histories would not contradict each other, for they were all true.

But the writers did not only write what they knew to be true, but the Holy Spirit instructed them to relate.

They were inspired of God. When we read their writings, we read the words of God himself.

With what reverence should we attend! Some of these four Evangelists related one event, and some related another, it is interesting to place their accounts together, endeavoring to observe, as well as we can, the order of time in which the events occurred. Such an arrangement is called "Harmony of the gospels. "

Let us read of Him, the one that came into the world to save us. Everything that concerns you is of the greatest importance to us; for if we do not believe in him, and love him above all, we shall perish forever. Let us, therefore, always before we read, lift up our hearts to God in prayer. "The Lord, grant unto us thy Holy Spirit, that our souls may be saved by the knowledge of thy blessed Son!"

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