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Ten Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1950s • The Hanging Stranger by Philip K. Dick -
Ed had always been a practical man, when he saw something was wrong he tried to correct it. Then one day he saw it hanging in the town square. • The Water Eater by Winston Marks -
Most experiments were dropped because they failed, some because they worked too well! • Death Star by James McKimmy Jr. -
For twenty long years Hurtz dreamed of retirement and found his "acre of heaven" on a Death Star. • The Mind Digger by Winston Marks -
There was a reason why his scripts were smash hits--they had realism. • The Martians and The Coys written by Mack Reynolds -
Lem didn't like guarding the still while Paw and the boys went feuding. He wanted to get a shot at some Martins too! • Breeder Reaction by Winston Marks -
The remarkable thing about Atummyc Afterbath Dusting Powder was that it gave you that lovely radiant atomic look. It also gave you a little something more! • Planet of Dreams by James McKimmy Jr. -
The climate was perfect, the sky was always blue, and--best of all--nobody had to work. What more could anyone want? • And All The Girls Were Nude by Richard Magruder -
Nathanial Evergood was an eccentric old man with a photographic passion for pretty girls! • Never Gut-Shoot A Wampus by Winston Marks -
An interstellar hunting trip with Major Daphne could teach a man a number of lessons. Like Never Gut-shoot A Wampus! • Three Spacemen Left To Die by Russ Winterbotham -
Disease contaminated their ship; any moment one of them might become infected and spray lethal sparks to the others.

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