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Lost Sci-Fi Books 101 thru 110 - Ten Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s

• Of Withered Apples by Philip K. Dick -
Something was tapping on the window. Blowing up against the pane, again and again. Carried by the wind. • Monsters That Once Were Men by Robert Silverberg -
They were like creatures painted by a drunken artist, ghastly, utterly repulsive caricatures of humanity! Tet, twisted through they were, they were still human... • The Guest Rites by Robert Silverberg -
Carthule was not the Earthman's god, but Carthule protected him while he was a guest in the temple—even if he tore the temple down! • The Martian Shore by Charles L. Fontenay -
Shaan made the longest crawl in history—to avoid crawling before tyrants! • Invasion by Murray Leinster -
The whole fighting fleet of the United Nations is caught in Kreynborg's marvelous, unique trap. • ...And It Comes Out Here by Lester Del Ray -
There is one fact no sane man can quarrel with ... everything has a beginning and an end. But some men aren't sane; thus it isn't always so! • Hall Of Mirrors by Fredric Brown -
It is a tough decision to make—whether to give up your life so you can live it over again! • The Barbarians by Algis Budrys -
History was repeating itself; there were moats and nobles in Pennsylvania and the barbarian hordes were overrunning the land. • Arm of the Law by Harry Harrison -
At one time—before the Robot Restriction Laws—they'd even allowed them to make their own decisions.... • The Hated by Frederik Pohl -
After space, there was always one more river to cross ... the far side of hatred and murder!

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