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Lost Sci-Fi Books 21 thru 30

Scritto da: Philip K. Dick, Evan Hunter, Milton Lesser, William Morrison, Winston Marks, Alexander Blade Letto da: Scott Miller Audio

Lost Sci-Fi Books 21 thru 30 - Ten Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

• The Gun by Philip K. Dick -
Nothing moved or stirred. Everything was silent, dead. Only the gun showed signs of life and the trespassers had wrecked that for all time. • So They Baked A Cake by Winston Marks -
He was tired of people—this starship seemed to offer the ideal escape from it all. • The Alien Dies at Dawn by Alexander Blade -
Kendall Stone had twelve hours to save a thousand lives. But someone was making sure he didn't use it! • Unwelcomed Visitor by William Morrison -
Xhanph was the fully accredited ambassador from Gfun, and Earth's first visitor from outer space. • Task of Kayin by William Morrison -
From out beyond the second sun he came; a fugitive from a dead and sterile world seeking solace, friends, a home, on Earth. • Beyond The Door by Philip K. Dick -
Larry Thomas bought a cuckoo clock for his wife—without knowing the price he would have to pay. • Shipping Clerk by William Morrison -
If Ollie knew the work he was doing, he would have resigned—if resigning were possible! • Spoken For by William Morrison -
He was lost anyone could see that, but she had no idea how entirely lost he was nor why! • Pariah by Milton Lesser -
Harry spent three years in space waiting to get home to Earth—and his family. They were waiting for him too—that is, for his corpse. • The Plagiarist From Rigel IV by Evan Hunter
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