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Lost Sci-Fi Books 51 thru 60 - Ten Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s

• Small Town by Philip K. Dick -
The theme of "the man who played God" has been used many ways, never with • more
tense and chilling effect than by the very able Mr. Dick. • Lazarus Come Forth by Ray Bradbury -
The Morgue Ship had knowledge that would end the war and defeat the Martians. • Until Life Do Us Part by Winston Marks -
What's it like to be immortal? To retain sanity you've got to be unemotional and you can't fall in love. • Planet of Doom by C.H. Thames -
Jane knew she had the biggest story of the year; thousands of people were soon to die on this Planet Of Doom • The Last Plunge by S.J. Sackett -
A man who needs money will do any job that comes along even air lion diving off Uranus! • Prominent Author by Philip K. Dick -
Terran Development was ready to market a fourth dimension "vehicle" which afforded al­most instantaneous travel. Henry Ellis commuted 160 miles to work in five steps and a few seconds. Then, one morning, he met some people. • The Monster Maker by Ray Bradbury -
"Get Gunther," the orders read. They were marooned on the pirate's asteroid—their only weapons a gun and a news-reel camera. • Fee Of The Frontier by H.B. Fyfe -
They had a job to do. If they had to give up money, or love or life itself—that was the Fee of the Frontier • Monster by William Morrison -
Colonizing Mars was hell, because of one thing—large, hungry critters. They flew, crawled, snarled, howled, burrowed up under the floors. • The Planet of Illusion by Millard V. Gordon -
A phantom land and a phantom folk, Come sailing out of the deep unknown, With a soundless roar and a lightless flash.

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