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Religione e Spiritualità

Make Us Worthy

Scritto da: Anton Kingsbury, Frederic Chopin Letto da: Josh Verbae Audio

Make Us Worthy includes reading of the eponymous prayer followed by beautiful piano music based on original composition of Frederic Chopin. Piano composition includes: Nocturne in G Minor, Op. 15 No. 3 — Lento. Chopin was inspired by Hamlet in composing of this nocturne. The key features of this piece strike with irregularity and unpredictability of the phrasing. It is wistful in its outer sections, with a hymn-like passage at its heart, marked religioso. Chopin attempted to enhance the purity of this passage through careful use the sustaining pedal. The expected return to the opening, however, is replaced by a new idea, also somewhat modal in character. This nocturne is dedicated to Ferdinand Hiller.

© 2017 Interactive Media (Audio) ISBN: 9781787240582 Titolo originale: Make Us Worthy

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