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Prayer of Creation

Scritto da: Anton Kingsbury, Frederic Chopin, St Francis of Assisi Letto da: Josh Verbae Audio

Prayer of Creation includes reading of the eponymous prayer followed by beautiful piano music based on original composition of Frederic Chopin. Piano composition includes: Nocturne in F Major, Op. 15 No. 1 — Andante Cantabile performed by Anton Kingsbury. This beautiful night piano composition starts with calm and serene flow of gentle notes. This peace is followed by a stormy F minor central section purging sudden doubts and worries. An engulfing recapitulation later appeasing the anxiety and restoring the tranquillity. Chopin dedicated this nocturne to Ferdinand Hiller, a German composer, conductor and music director.

© 2017 Interactive Media (Audio) ISBN: 9781787240568 Titolo originale: Prayer of Creation

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