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The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge

Scritto da: Mitzi Szereto Letto da: Christina Delaine Audio

Crimes of passion are both eerie and strangely tantalizing. This riveting anthology explores the question through some of the most compelling true crime accounts and stories of obsession and vengeance.

Crimes fueled by emotions. When it comes to the emotions, people can react in strange and unexpected ways. Whether it's a heart hurt by unrequited love, or a lover so passionate they'll stop at nothing to get their way-even the most mild-mannered soul can suddenly flip, becoming a vengeful spirit with dark intentions. From the ancient Greek myth of Jason and Medea to Shakespeare's Othello, themes dealing with deeply felt emotions have persisted. But unlike mythology or fiction, The Best New True Crime Stories contains stories from real life.

A special selection of stories written exclusively for this book. The Best New True Crime Stories includes stories from around the world and from different times. As with all titles in the popular The Best New True Crime Stories series, this volume contains original nonfiction accounts penned by writers from across the literary spectrum. Dive into these twisted true tales of passion and unrequited love turned violent. Examine why some have fully embraced their dark side, resorting to crime to achieve their own special brand of satisfaction and retribution.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Audio) ISBN: 9781666139167

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