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The Divine Inspiration of the Bible

Scritto da: Arthur W. Pink Letto da: Ralph Cosham Audio

“Deny that the Bible is, without any qualifications, the very word of God, and you are left without any ultimate standard of measurement and without any supreme authority.”—from the book

The Bible is the foundation of Christianity. In The Divine Inspiration of the Bible, Arthur Pink sets out to defend the belief that this holy book is, in fact, the true word of God. In doing so he examines the idea of divine inspiration and presents various arguments that aim to prove God Almighty is the author of theBible.

This book not only examines evidence for the trustworthiness of scripture and what belief in inspiration means but also helps Christiansachieve a firmer understanding of the Bible’s authority.

© 2014 Blackstone Publishing (Audio) ISBN: 9781483001937

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