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Religione e Spiritualità
3H 26Min

The Overcoming Life

Scritto da: Dwight L. Moody Letto da: Lyle Blaker Audio

Overcome your greatest enemy, yourself.

Are you an overcomer? Or, are you plagued by little sins that easily beset you? Even worse, are you failing in your Christian walk, but refuse to admit and address it? No Christian can afford to dismiss the call to be an overcomer. The earthly cost is minor; the eternal reward is beyond measure.

Dwight L. Moody is a master at unearthing what ails us. He uses stories and humor to bring to light the essential principles of successful Christian living. Each aspect of overcoming is looked at from a practical and understandable angle. The solution Moody presents for our problems is not religion, rules, or other outward corrections. Instead, he takes us to the heart of the matter and prescribes biblical, God-given remedies for every Christian's life. Get ready to embrace genuine victory for today, and joy for eternity.

Inward topics include:

• Temper

• Appetite

• Envy

• Pride

• The Flesh

External topics include:

• The World

• Business

• Persecution

• Our Children

Updated, Modern English Edition

© 2018 Author's Republic (Audio) ISBN: 9781518997440

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