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Religione e Spiritualità
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Wicca Book of Spells and Witchcraft for Beginners: The Guide of Shadows for Wiccans, Solitary Witches, and Other Practitioners of Magic Rituals

Scritto da: Sarah Kunkel Letto da: Kris Keppeler Audio

Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Wiccan Journey
Learn about the history and practice of the Wiccan tradition, discover the incredible power of spellcasting for health, wealth and happiness, and explore the magical side of herbs & plants to connect with nature, as the earliest shamans did in the ancient world.

The world we live in today seems wholly distant from the one our ancestors lived in—a world where humans and Nature were at one, their existence intertwined in the natural cycles of life. Wicca teaches us to appreciate the Earth, celebrating the intricate changes in the seasons and everything they bring.

As you’ll discover in this book, Wicca is a reincarnation of the very earliest religions, practiced for millennia before the advent of Christianity. Wiccans celebrate and share many of the same beliefs our ancestors held, with practices that honor the old ways while being compatible with contemporary life.

You will discover:

• The origins and history of Wicca and Witchcraft
• Principles of magic—both ancient and modern
• Choosing your Wiccan path
• An overview of Wiccan covens, circles, and solitary practice
• Magical tools & how to use them
• Tips & guidelines for successful spellcasting
• Core elements of Wiccan ritual
• Spells for abundance, wealth, health, love and happiness
• And much more!
Whether you're just looking to learn more about the Wiccan way of life, or you want to start practicing Wicca yourself, you will have a solid understanding of the essence of Wicca after listening to this audiobook.

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© 2019 Author's Republic (Audio) ISBN: 9781982786649

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