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You Can Draw Manga Chibi Characters, Critters & Scenes (A step-by-step guide for learning to draw cute and colorful manga chibis and critters)

Scritto da: Samantha Whitten, Jeannie Lee E-book

Just for Kids: You Can Draw Manga Critters shows how to draw animals in the chibi style using simple steps and easy-to-find art tools. Also included are tips and techniques for designing your own chibi critter creations!

You can draw more than 30 chibi animals with the easy, step-by-step art projects in Just for Kids: You Can Draw Manga Critters. Learn to draw dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, birds, fantasy critters, and more. Also included are tips and techniques encouraging you to design your own chibi creations once you are comfortable with the art style. No complicated tools are needed; you can create your own chibi art using just a pencil, pen, markers, and paper.

The book opens with helpful sections on tools and materials, essential drawing techniques, color basics, and an examination of chibi animal faces and bodies. The step-by-step projects that follow will show you how to draw chibis of all kinds in any pose and from all angles. Included throughout the book are templates for practice. In between drawing projects and templates, you will take a closer look at different chibi animals, critter mash-ups (like bird-dragons and pig-skunks!), and how to draw them in action. Use these pages to modify the templates to create your own characters. Tips and techniquesfor drawing chibi characters abound in Just for Kids: You Can Draw Manga Critters.

Written and illustrated by Samantha Whitten and Jeannie Lee, Just for Kids: You Can Draw Manga Critters is perfect for beginning and intermediate artists, lovers of manga and anime, and more. You will love creating your own chibi animals!

© 2020 Walter Foster Jr (E-book) ISBN: 9781633228658

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