Sonny's Salvation - Carol Lynne

Sonny's Salvation

Sonny's Salvation

3.1818181818181817 11 5 Schrijver: Carol Lynne
Beschikbaar als e-book.
Sonny Good loved his life as an FBI agent, but when his father died and he was needed back home he quit the agency and became a rancher. Now several years later, Summerville, Nebraska is starting to seem a little isolated. An openly gay rancher in the middle of Nebraska just doesn't have many prospective dates. That is until Garron Greeley moves to town. Garron is the towns newest resident and bad boy bartender with shoulder-length dark brown hair and tribal tattoos. Sonny is struck by lust at first sight. Things between the two of them take off like a rocket until Sonny learns Garron is also the brother of the man who owns the neighbouring ranch. The man Sonny considers his enemy, which leaves Sonny to decide whats more important-the feud with his neighbour or a potentially blazing passion with Garron?
Taal: Engels Categorie: Erotische fictie Serie: Good-Time Boys: 1 Vertaler:

Meer info over het e-book:

Uitgeverij: Vearsa - Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Verschenen: 2015-07-07
ISBN: 9781784306830

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