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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

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Want to Keep Your Devices and Networks Safe from Cyberattacks with Just a Few Easy Steps? Read on.

Technology can seem like a blessing or a curse. Cyber attacks are a growing problem that’s affecting an increasing number of devices and people.

The current numbers are staggering. Hackers create and deploy over 300 000 new malware programs every single day on networks, individual computers, and other devices. And there are nearly half a million ransomware attacks every year.

Cyber Security educates you on these threats and clearly walks you through the steps to prevent, detect, and respond to these attacks.

In Cyber Security, you'll discover:

- How vulnerable you are right now and how to protect yourself within less than 24h
- A simple, straight-forward security framework for preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks
- The most damaging but hard to detect attacks and what to do about it
- Which unexpected device could be attacked and have life-threatening consequences
- Different types of malware and how to handle each effectively
- Specific protection actions used by the FBI and CIA that you can take too
- Security dangers of popular social media networks, unknown to most users, but regularly exploited by hackers

And much more.

A lot of people resist securing their technology because it can be overwhelming. It’s not clear where to start and any instructions you do find can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. The key is to keep it simple and manageable with your first foray into security.
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Wydawca: Matt Reyes
Data wydania: 2019-10-06
Czas trwania: 3H 12M
ISBN: 9781987194401

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