White Fang - Jack London

White Fang

White Fang

3,75 4 5 Autor: Jack London Czyta: Seth Thompson
Experience the wonder and terror of the natural world in Jack London’s White Fang, an unabridged InAudio presentation.

Jack London’s White Fang is an impactful examination of the harsh realities of nature and the damage humans can cause, but also of the will to survive that is common between humans and wild animals alike. The book follows White Fang, a feisty wolf pup that becomes a vicious wolf due to his interactions with harsh human masters. He is shuffled between masters throughout his life and taught to be destructive, but is eventually shown love and compassion by a human, and learns gentleness as an adult wolf.With a strong theme of nature versus nurture, a heartwarming redemption arc, and a fascinating protatonist, White Fang is a story that remains timely decades after its release.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Klasyka Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: InAudio
Data wydania: 2020-02-20
Czas trwania: 8H 11M
ISBN: 9781094244679

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