Christic Imagination: How Christ Transforms Us - Robert P. Imbelli

Christic Imagination: How Christ Transforms Us

Christic Imagination: How Christ Transforms Us

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Rekindle your Christic imagination.

Every true period of renewal in the Church has been marked by a re-discovery of the person of Jesus Christ. The Second Vatican Council inaugurated such a re-discovery. It asked Christians to “return to the sources”—especially the New Testament and those early theologian-bishops known as “the fathers of the Church”—as a way of envisioning anew their faith in Jesus.

A half-century later, Father Robert Imbelli (Ph. D. , Yale University) pilots you through this mental safari into the unmapped regions of your imagination. An award-winning theologian at Boston College, Fr. Imbelli leads you back to the Source (with a capital “S”)—the clear waters of your faith—where your unclouded image of Jesus rests and, like a river rock, receives polish.

Fr. Imbelli’s studies in Rome overlapped with the Second Vatican Council; he brings his personal intersection with that historical episode of the Church’s lifetime to bear in this audio course by returning to the helpful distinction of the objective and subjective: “Transfigured Christ/Transfigured Christians”—the Church, and you.

The term “Christic,” as Fr. Imbelli uses it, is meant to call forth various dimensions of the Mystery of Jesus. In 9 lectures, you will stretch your imagination, drag the lake of your own experience, and take His Mystery as “the Mystery of a Personal Presence” that is pervasive and life-giving, and finds its fullest sacramental reality in the Eucharist.

Be transfigured.

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