The Target - Brad Taylor

The Target

The Target

3 1 5 Autor: Brad Taylor
Kill him, before it's too late.

This thrilling short story takes you back to before the Taskforce was created, revealing the origins of Israeli agent Aaron Bergman.

1998. Israeli operator Aaron Bergman and his team are still reeling after a disastrous mission. His new commander soon confirms Aaron's fears. His team is cut free from the Mossad but not from serving their new leader.

Unsanctioned by the Israeli government, Aaron is sent to assassinate a Nazi who escaped justice. But the mission leads Aaron to a much more insidious scheme. The evil he set out to destroy is ready to unleash one last devastating strike no one sees coming.

Praise for Brad Taylor:

'It's an excellent read, and I greatly enjoyed it' Nelson DeMille.

'Fresh plot, great actions, and Taylor clearly knows what he is writing about' Vince Flynn.

'Ranks right up there with Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher and Jack Bauer' John Lescroart.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Thriller Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book
Data wydania: 2020-08-06
ISBN: 9781800241923

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