Experiencing the Holy Spirit: Gift and Mystery - George T. Montague

Experiencing the Holy Spirit: Gift and Mystery

Experiencing the Holy Spirit: Gift and Mystery

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“The Holy Spirit is an inexhaustible well of the life of God in us. ”
– Pope Francis

Jesus' disciples, who had previously cowered with fear, were set afire by the power of the Holy Spirit to spread the Good News. Explore the power of the Holy Spirit in this course.

These essential lectures, presented by former Catholic Biblical Association president Fr. George Montague, will introduce you to the Spirit anew. Join him on a walk through Scripture in which you will encounter Old Testament images relating to the Spirit. See how the Gospel of Mark anchors the Spirit in Jesus’ baptism. You will also explore the central role the Spirit plays in Luke and Acts.

Learn more fully the true meaning of Pentecost and understand the early Trinitarian theology outlined by Matthew. See how Paul's rich theology of the Holy Spirit provides ongoing spiritual transformation in the Church and the lives of individual Christians. Finally, you will see how in Revelation, the Holy Spirit is a river of life-giving water flowing from the throne of the Lamb.

Encounter the life-giving power of the Holy Spirit today. (Photo by Dnalor_01. CC BY-SA 3. 0 Austria)
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