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There are moments in life in which logic doesn't seem to match any possible expectation and what happens can be seen both as normal as well as surreal, and yet, out of an abnormal reality, we think about something that can't be possibly accepted because, if true, spreads mass panic, and, if not, leads us to ridicule.

25 of January 2013 was the day the mysterious reflected on my life, showing a man that could have been me from another time period. If logic is made out of the reality we usually feel, then that's when our reality changes to guide us into a new paradigm of observations.

As I was sitting and observing the French girl, a few tables away from me, writing compulsively in her napkin, I knew that it's not as much important understanding why she didn't even look at my face as to why was she writing in a napkin. But truly intriguing is the conversation that follows between two men. One of them is me and the other I have no idea of who can he be. And that's why this description, even though sharing information about a very realistic and probabilistic future for mankind, a future we should know, can never go beyond personal speculation.
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Wydawca: 22 Lions
Data wydania: 2013-05-25
ISBN: 6610000016624

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