Silent As The Grave - Paul Gitsham

Silent As The Grave

Silent As The Grave

3.78 23 5 Autor: Paul Gitsham Czyta: Malk Williams
It’s DCI Warren Jones’ coldest case yet… The body of Reginald Williamson had been well concealed under a bush in Middlesbury Common and the murder efficiently carried out – a single stab wound to the chest. Reggie’s dog had been killed just as efficiently. With no clues or obvious motive, the case is going nowhere. Then Warren gets a break. Warren’s instincts tell him that the informant is dodgy – a former police officer under investigation. But when Warren hears the incredible story he has to tell, he's glad to have given him a chance to speak. Suddenly, a wide criminal conspiracy, involving high-level police corruption, a gangster and a trained killer, is blown wide open…and Warren finds that this time, it’s not just his career under threat, but his family – and his life. Fans of Peter Robinson and Peter James will love Silent as the Grave, the third novel in Paul Gitsham's DCI Warren Jones series. More DCI Warren Jones books by Paul Gitsham: The Last Straw No Smoke Without Fire Blood is Thicker Than Water(A DCI Warren Jones short story) Praise for Paul Gitsham: "A wonderfully classy crime novel. Fluent writing style, great pace to the action. What's not to like? I'll be reading number 2 as quickly as I can download it. Crime Writing at its very best" – Kate Rhodes, author of Crossbones Yard and the Alice Quentin series
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Kryminał Seria: DCI Warren Jones: 3 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: HQ Digital
Data wydania: 2018-09-12
Czas trwania: 11H 46M
ISBN: 9780263276145

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