Innovating Innovation - David Morey

Innovating Innovation

Innovating Innovation

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The renowned business consultant presents “the battlefield manual for change leadership” —with strategies for thriving in today’s marketplace (Jerry Wind, The Wharton School).

Business leadership is a constant struggle to crack through corporate politics, nurture creativity, and add new value to everything they do. In Innovating Innovation, David Morey, one of America’s leading strategic consultants, guides readers across eleven concrete steps that can unlock day-to-day innovation and drive long-term competitive advantage.

Innovating Innovation synergizes the best aspects of classic innovation theories with an insurgent strategic model inspired by one of Morey’s first clients, Steve Jobs. It shows how to lead innovation that creates the products of visionary genius without the necessity for actual genius. It provides practical tools and guidance on building and leading the teams, working conditions, organizational structures, and cultures of market-made and market-making innovation. It illustrates a roadmap to the disruptive periphery, the organizational margins at which real innovation takes place.

This book invites you to “think different,” to become a change leader, to go the “wrong” way to get to the right places. Reading this book, you will learn: • The Disruptive Periphery Concept and the necessary tools it provides
• How to apply a marketing-centric focus to innovation
• Lessons developed from thirty years of real-world global consulting and training experience
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Wydawca: Vibrance Press
Data wydania: 2019-01-15
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