Waiting for Her - Jennifer Van Wyk

Waiting for Her

Waiting for Her

3.5 12 5 Autor: Jennifer Van Wyk Czyta: Graham Halstead, Stephanie Rose
Our relationship was such a cliche. Friends to lovers. High school sweethearts. Then ... driven by insecurities, I broke Grady Ryan's heart. I was weak, afraid to love, and even more afraid to be loved. There are secrets I've kept buried but I can't forget what we once shared. I've been given a second chance and this time, I'm prepared to fight for him. After six long years of silence, Bri Jameson is back in my life. I never expected to see her again, especially not to share in the biggest opportunity of my career. When she walks toward me across my football field, I can't stop my heart from racing. But time hasn't stopped me from knowing her-and I know she's hiding something. I can only hope whatever it is doesn't ruin me. I've finally moved on and I won't fall into her trap again. I wish I could tell my heart the same thing–it's just been waiting for her. Contains mature themes.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Powieść obyczajowa Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Tantor Audio
Data wydania: 2019-03-19
Czas trwania: 7H 35M
ISBN: 9781977343420

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