Beech Bank Girls: Christmas is Coming! - Eleanor Watkins

Beech Bank Girls: Christmas is Coming!

Beech Bank Girls: Christmas is Coming!

2.0 1 5 Autor: Eleanor Watkins Czyta: Ann Barraclough
Christmas is coming!
Along with all the excitement, life holds its challenges for the Beech Bank Girls. Holly faces the reality of financial crisis at home; Rachel is worried about her sister; a sledging incident shakes the girls – and a very different nativity play brings home the true meaning of Christmas. Family, friendship and faith issues – the Beech Bank Girls face them together in this, their third book.

“An amazing, heart-warming story about six normal girls who go through everyday situations, but at the end of the day they realise that the best solution is to turn to God. This story shows that God is an amazing father who really cares for us and our problems, no matter how big or small they are. A definite 10/10.” –Ellie

“A really interesting read and the author pulls you into the story. An exciting and special message for the Christmas period.” –Sophie
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Author's Republic
Data wydania: 2019-06-26
Czas trwania: 4H
ISBN: 9781982761332

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