8D Abundance Affirmations - Part 2 Próbka

8D Abundance Affirmations - Part 2

8D Abundance Affirmations - Part 2


Welcome to this 30-minute abundance affirmation recording, which is the second in a series of 8D affirmation titles. This series is a new type of affirmation meditation where the affirmations have been produced in 8-dimensional sound. This means that when you hear the twelve powerful abundance affirmations on each track, you will hear them moving around the stereo field; above and below, left to right and front and back.

The best way to listen is lying down or sitting comfortably with headphones on so that you experience the full 8-dimensional effect of the affirmations. The production moves the affirmations around in your headphones, creating a very dreamy and trance like effect. This engages your mind and helps you to absorb these powerful affirmations on a deep level. With this in place you will respond to the affirmations in your every-day life quite naturally without thinking about them.

There are also a number of subliminal abundance affirmations under the music at the end of each track, which have been placed in the mix below the human audible range. These subliminal suggestions become absorbed into your unconscious mind without critical analysis and help compound the effect of the main 8D abundance affirmations.

When you hear the 8D affirmations you will be in a relaxed and receptive state and the key to making the affirmations work, is to really believe them as you hear them. You can either repeat the affirmations out loud or silently, it doesn’t matter which as the most important part is that you believe them completely and accept them as a reality. When you hear them, allow the affirmations to resonate deep inside you and connect with each affirmation with real feeling and emotion. The more you put your feelings into the affirmations the more effective they will be.

Here are the twelve 8D abundance affirmations broken down into four groups of three:

• I am successful and abundant
• Opportunities come to me easily
• I resonate to the frequency of love and abundance

• I am a magnet for opportunities
• I cope with life’s ups and downs with strength and composure
• I believe in myself

• I see opportunities everywhere
• I am open to receiving limitless abundance
• I live my life to the full

• I am always in the right place at the right time
• Abundance comes freely and naturally to me now
• I love and respect myself

This session has a sleep ending and will guide you into a peaceful sleep at the end, making it ideal for night time use.

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