100 Mental Game Best Practices - Dre Baldwin

100 Mental Game Best Practices

100 Mental Game Best Practices

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The mental game is the most important game you'll ever play. If you didn't know, you're already playing it. Hopefully, you knew that. It's hard to win a game you don't even know you're playing.

This book is a primer to start your all-star career in the mental game. Here, you'll get 100 disciplines for your mental game that you can start using in the very spot you're sitting. Yes — right now. No waiting or preparation needed. Just start listening and do what I tell you, and the results will be self-evident. Your only job is to stick to the disciplines.

You'll learn about:
– Decision-making
– How to lead people
– What to do with the negative thoughts that creep in when you least want them
– Goal setting
– Selecting and keeping friends
– Tips for managing your time
– Taking care of your body, since the mind and body work together
– How to stand out from the crowd — any crowd
– The type of questions to ask yourself
And much more.

The mental game is an unforgiving game. When you make a mistake, the laws of the universe demand you pay immediately. The game is 100% fair at all times too. When you play the right way, the results create a momentum which only you can stop. And when you see the results, why would you even want to?
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Wydawca: Work On Your Game Inc.
Data wydania: 2016-11-22
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ISBN: 9781987180046

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