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A Joosr Guide to… The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler: A Handbook for Living

Autor: Joosr E-book

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Have you been searching for happiness, only to have it constantly elude you? Learn how to train your brain to overcome obstacles and achieve true, sustainable happiness.

The Art of Happiness offers readers an interesting perspective on the subject of happiness. In this book, you will see how the Dalai Lama, an icon of contentment and happiness, views the topic of happiness and how it differs from traditional, Western psychology. The Art of Happiness shows how Eastern philosophies and Western science have recently begun to meld on this topic. Within the pages of this book, you will find common obstacles to happiness, the Dalai Lama's approach to dealing with them, and how his claims are backed by current psychological findings.

You will learn:

· Why much of our suffering can be described as self-induced

· How to start developing inner contentment

· How to begin overcoming fear of failure and embarrassment.

© 2015 Joosr (E-book) ISBN: 9781785672149

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