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A Trail of Semen Down Through the Ages - The Missing Link in Theories of Male Superiority

Autor: Dr Geraldine Sharp E-book

Why are men superior? Why do men talk of their ‘seed’? Why do women continue to be oppressed? This book provides the answers. It is an original, ground-breaking piece of work and exposes the missing link in theories of male superiority. From the ancient world to modern times, the possession of semen has provided ‘proof ’ for the superiority of the male. Woman was a ‘mistake of nature’, a ‘misbegotten man’, a ‘failed male’. Christianity absorbed these ideas into its sexual theology and the influence of Christian thought in the Western world, especially on matters of sexuality, cannot be denied. The ancient ‘truths’ about woman as a failed male and man as superior, continue to exist and have meaning. The three main world religions are complicit in this. In light of current knowledge, to continue with this discredited theology of semen is to sacrifice ‘truth’ to the ideology of patriarchy.

© 2018 Andrews UK (E-book) ISBN: 9780995587519