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Agent Of Exiles :The League of Set [Dramatized Adaptation]: Agent of Exiles 1

Autor: Tom Doyle Czyta: Christopher Graybill, Richard Rohan, Holly Adams, Marni Penning, Peter Holdway, Jeff Baker, Andy Brownstein, Dawn Ursula, Zeke Alton, Lynette Rathnam, Brandon Burton Audiobook

"Part supernatural spy adventure, part historical romp, The League of Set is the beginning of a new fast-paced GraphicAudio Original series in the ancient world.

Samuel ben Yohanan is a secret agent for the Judean Court in Exile in Babylon. A master of magical relics and ancient gadgetry, he’ll do anything to get his people home (and perhaps to advance his personal ambitions as well). But after he goes rogue to help Cyrus the Great conquer Babylon, the Persians send the reluctant Samuel on a covert mission to Egypt in anticipation of their next invasion.

With Samuel as his partner and Persian minder is Mehrnaz of the Flame, one of the leading magi in King Cyrus’s court. A perceptive and powerful practitioner of magic, she distrusts Samuel from the start. But they must quickly learn to overcome their mutual hostility if they are to survive.

Samuel and Mehrnaz maneuver together through the intrigues of the court of Amasis II, one of Egypt’s last great pharaohs. They solve mythological and occult mysteries while trying to avoid sudden death at the hands of their hidden enemies. Finally, the two agents will battle the magician-assassins of an ancient evil organization in their necropolis stronghold to save both of their peoples from destruction.

Performed by Richard Rohan, Lynette Rathnam, Andy Brownstein, Brandon Burton, Holly Adams, Peter Holdway, Dawn Ursula, Zeke Alton, Christopher Graybill, Marni Penning, Jeff Baker, and Niusha Nawab, Ken Jackson, Duyen Washington, Wyn Delano, Jefferson Russell, Joel David Santner, Lilly Beacon, Thomas Penny, KenYatta Rogers, Darius Johnson, and Elliot Dash."

© 2021 GraphicAudio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781685081980

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