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Albert Einstein Was a Dope?

Autor: Dan Gutman Czyta: Tyla Collier, Jesús E. Martínez Audiobook

Did you know that Albert Einstein was a high-school dropout and that he failed his physics class when he finally made it to college? Or that when he died, his brain and eyeballs were removed from his body? Have you ever wondered why his hair looked so wild? Siblings Paige and Turner have?and they’ve collected some of the kookiest and most unusual facts about him, from his childhood and school days through his time studying relativity and working on the atomic bomb. Narrated by the two spirited siblings, Albert Einstein Was a Dope? expertly balances authoritative information with Dan Gutman’s signature zany humor.

© 2021 Dreamscape Media, LLC (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781662091285

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