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The lightening-quick Russian victory over the United States is total and complete. The Soviet thermonuclear first strike transforms America's cities into fire-scorched mounds of radioactive rubble, its vast countryside into a shattered wasteland. The onslaught of Russian invasion troops capture most Americans fortunate enough to survive the nuclear carnage, creating a slave labor force to serve every demand of the Russian overlords.

But a handful of survivors escape the Russian net and choose to live—and give their lives if need be—for freedom's cause. Led by Ted Rockson, the ultimate soldier of survival, the FreeFighters vow to drive the hated Russians from American shores at any cost. And when civil war breaks out between the two Soviet factions that rule the United States—the Red Army and the black-shirted KGB—Rockson knows it's time to strike, to divide and conquer the oppressor—or die in the attempt. The battle that will determine the very course of civilization is about to begin...

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