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Breast Cancer: Your Support Through Chemotherapy

Autor: Lynda Hudson Czyta: Lynda Hudson Audiobook

Are you currently undertaking or due a course of chemotherapy? Are you finding the experience difficult on an emotional level? Do you wish there was a way to relax in the lead up to (and during) your treatment, and so reducing both physical pain and mental stress?
If so, this could be the solution you are looking for. The Unlock Your Life series has been specially created by expert hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson for people just like you. This self-hypnosis recording is designed specifically to support women who are facing or already undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. It will help you cope with both the mental and physical side effects of your treatment through the use of simple-to-learn breathing techniques, visualisations and a cognitive approach to pain relief.
Through the powerful use of visualisation, you will imagine yourself in a healing sanctuary where you experience calm and comfort. There you will discover or reaffirm your inner strengths, building confidence, resilience and a sense of optimism. You will picture yourself using a healing light to minimise your discomfort, and see how your own body’s natural healing forces help you to cope with real-world pain. Importantly, you will listen to uplifting, supportive and positive affirmations as Lynda speaks directly to you.
You can listen to this audiobook in different ways and at different times; you can use it in the lead up to your treatment to accustom yourself to drifting into this pleasant relaxed state so it becomes an automatic response just when you need it most. You will almost certainly want to use it after each treatment to help you cope in the best possible way with any unwanted side effects. You can then listen again during the breaks between treatments as a mental, physical and emotional boost to your immune system and over all well-being.
Lynda’s approach is based on many years as a clinical hypnotherapist and she has helped thousands of people across the world with her recordings. As the author of two widely-acclaimed books for professionals on hypnotherapy for both adults and children alike, you can be sure that your healing and well-being is in the safest of hands. For the best results you should listen to this recording in a calm and quiet environment and never while driving. Your skills and ability will develop with practice, so repeated listening is the key to success.

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