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Caught Between

Autor: Gayle Parness Czyta: Reba Buhr Audiobook

Garrett’s guilt and grief still haunt him, but Jackie is determined to set him free.

Jackie: My fae friends and I have brought my mate to this place of darkness in the hopes he’ll find peace, but have I done the right thing? Blood magic is strong in the Carmel villa where he was once held prisoner and Garrett’s mood is bleak.

When an unexpected guest arrives my instinct is to send him packing. But he offers himself as my mentor and I need the help, especially with Charlie coming. Another surprise visitor brings hope, only the joy doesn’t last for long.

The Cascade Elders have called me to Faerie to witness the execution of my enemy. I go willingly, hoping to close a chapter in my own dark book, but a being with power beyond my imagination interferes and my family is once again placed in danger. Only this time, the people I love will not become victims, even if it brings me pain.

© 2021 Gayle Parness (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781664971059

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