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Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse

Autor: Eugene Field E-book

This is a book of tales and verse for children, of that sort which holds older readers with an equal fascination. Mr. Field is a master of this delicate sort of art, and the book abounds in a great variety of themes and moods, from the mediaeval romance to the symbolic prose-poem, or the modern child-story. A common spirit of tenderness and of a sort of elfish humor, if we may be allowed the expression, binds the various tales and verses together as on one string, and gives a very distinct and unified impression to the whole volume. "The Mouse and the Moonbeam" is as exquisite a bit of folly and wistful pathos as one could wish for, and so simple in style and word! The book is profusely illustrated by Florence Storer.

© 2015 Jazzybee Verlag (E-book) ISBN: 9783849646790

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