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Crown of Bitter Thorn

Autor: Kay L Moody Czyta: Caitlin Davies Audiobook

Faerie is forever changed.

Mortals in Faerie always bring trouble, and after Elora's pivotal sacrifice, that trouble has spread throughout all the courts. It affects the very nature of their realm.

The danger to Faerie is building.

Prince Brannick is still determined to become High King and establish peace but doing so will require support from the other courts. Many fae still hesitate to back him after the sins of his mother. To win their favor, Prince Brannick must take on greater risks by offering bargains and making troubling promises.

He wants to fight for his rightful place as High King. He wants to end his conflict with the queen of Fairfrost for good. And he wants to make sure Elora's sacrifice wasn't in vain. But his heart might be too broken to do any of that.

Mortals in Faerie always bring trouble, and this time, it might be too much to bear.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781666144628

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