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Double Dipping

Autor: Marilyn Brant Czyta: Erica McKendrick Audiobook

“A definite 5 STAR REVIEW for a super sweet tale.” Amazon Customer review

If you have a pint of fresh Wisconsin ice cream and Cary Grant on The Movie Channel, who needs a man?

Not second-grade teacher and MGM-devotee Caitlin Walsh!! After being abandoned by her ambitious cad of an ex-fiancé, Cait dedicates her life to teaching and classic movies. But when Garrett Ellis, the school’s new financial director, cancels the Harvest Hoopla festival, Cait decides to fight the decision, thus taking on the most formidable man she’s ever encountered.

Garrett is the second son of one of the country’s most affluent families, the Ellis’s of the Ellis Fruit and Nut Gift Basket Empire, and has a penchant for mixing sweet edibles with love making. He also is also undercover with a mission: finding the person stealing district money and righting the situation, while keeping his background private. He wasn’t expecting to find himself up against the one woman who might weaken his firm resistance to commitment.

Cait and Garrett secretly investigate each other’s past: one looking to catch a thief, the other uncovering an impressive family background and bevy of prior girlfriends — one of whom is very unexpected…

This small-town romance abounds with love and family complications; a light mystery sprinkled with humor and a lot of sweet ice cream.

© 2018 Post Hypnotic Press (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781772560374

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