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First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch: The Absolute Beginner's Guide

Autor: Linda Wyszynski E-book

A beginner’s step-by-step, photo-filled guide to the basics of embroidery, crewel, and cross stitch, with exciting projects to get you started.

This beginner’s guide, by embroidery professional Linda Wyszynski, uses easy-to-follow, photo-illustrated instruction to teach you the basics of classic embroidery, crewel, and cross-stitch techniques. In no time, you can use these methods to create beautiful, personalized designs.

After a review of equipment and supplies, fabrics, threads, patterns, and stitching basics, jump right in with these step-by-step projects: • Creative embroidery—Embroidered Jacket Collar and Embellished Pillow Case
• Crewel—Paisleys and Pearls Pillow and Touch of Gold Fedora Hat
• Cross-Stitch—Violet Blossoms Candle Band and Springtime Journal

There’s a first time for everything. Enjoy the journey and achieve success with First Time Embroidery and Cross-Stitch.

© 2022 Quarry Books (E-book) ISBN: 9781631597985