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Ghosts of Madison, Indiana

Autor: Virginia Dyer Jorgensen E-book

Downtown Madison, the largest contiguous National Historic Landmark in the United States, provides the perfect haunts for poltergeists and playful spirits.

Beautifully preserved mid-nineteenth-century buildings grace the streets of Madison, Indiana, providing a concrete connection to the past. But a more ethereal, ghostly link flits about these streets when night descends. Restive spirits linger here, like the extra that may join you mid-slumber at Whitehall Bed-and-Breakfast, a residual from the Civil War hospital that was once nearby. Feel the ghostly chill of a mob bootlegger who stops by the Broadway Tavern around last call and learn of the myriad ghosts that flutter here in search of something. Dive into the shadows of Madison on this chilling journey with Virginia Jorgensen.

Includes photos!

© 2018 The History Press (E-book) ISBN: 9781614236931

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