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Giovanni's Gift

Autor: Bradford Morrow E-book

The domestic bliss of an architect and his wife is threatened by an unseen tormentor in this literary thriller by the award-winning author of The Forgers.

When Grant’s marriage begins to fall apart, he reflects upon the perfect lives of his uncle Henry and aunt Edmé, self-sufficient intellectuals who live blissfully together in a home built by Henry in the high Rocky Mountains. But when Henry and Edmé tell Grant of the terrible nighttime incidents that occurred on their property and culminated in the gruesome murder of one of their close friends, Grant moves in with them to help save an ideal he holds dear.
Giovanni’s Gift is a modern reinvention of the myth of Pandora’s box, and a harrowing meditation on the allure of the American landscape—and the menace that lurks beneath the beauty of its surfaces.

© 2011 Open Road Media (E-book) ISBN: 9781453212066

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