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Hot Ghost Hunter for Hire

Autor: Lili Valente Czyta: Kitty Bang, C.J. Mission Audiobook

What's a girl supposed to do when she's out of a job and needing to rethink her life as a whole? Go on a ghost hunt, of course.

Don't worry, I already scratched that career possibility off my list. I'd be terrible at it, for sure—the world's shyest ghost hunter.

Nate, on the other hand? He'd definitely be the hottest.

Not that I'm noticing anymore. Nope. That ship has sailed. I'm not a teenager in love for the first time anymore. No, I'm the woman who won't let anyone get close to her now. Which is probably why it took a possible haunted cabin seven long years later to reunite the two of us.

Is it fate? Maybe. Is it weird for our romantic reunion to have evidence of ghostly activity instead of roses? Absolutely.

But that's what makes me think this is all just different enough from your everyday love story to be interesting. And thus worth the risk of seeing it through to the end...

Note: Hot Ghost Hunter For Hire is a fun & feel-good spinoff novel with characters you'll recognize from the series. Turns out, these two have a past, and thus a fabulous second chance romance that just begged to be written. It's an emotional, heartwarming standalone with some spooky twists and steamy turns. Enjoy!

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Previously titled Meant For You. Same fun, feel-good story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.

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