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I Found Love: True Stories of Discovering Love, Belonging, and Friendship

Autor: Doug Bender Czyta: Jakob Lewis Audiobook

From the influential and ever-growing movement I Am Second, a remarkable collection of stories of people searching for and finding love.

When I Am Second launched in 2008, the organization intended simply to tell stories of lives changed utterly by people placing God first and themselves second. Although the organization has exploded in size and influence since, that original mission has remained the same--and continues to have enormous power and influence today. I Found Love is the highly anticipated new audiobook from I Am Second, gathering together stories of people who searched everywhere for fulfillment and wholeness and found it only when they surrendered to God. People whose stories appear include the following, among others:

• David and Tamela Mann
• Jason Castro
• Sean Lowe
• Stephen Baldwin

Moving, compelling, and profoundly inspiring, the stories found here remind us that our hearts will always be restless until they find their rest in God and always unsatisfied until we find the love of God.

© 2021 Thomas Nelson (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781400210442

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