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Instant Manifestation: The Real Secret to Attracting What You Want Right Now

Autor: Joe Vitale Czyta: Joe Vitale Audiobook

What is the REAL Secret to Making the Law of Attraction Work for You Right NOW?

At last! Bestselling author and Secret movie star Dr. Joe Vitale reveals for the first time how to instantly manifest what you desire. He explains the truth about the Law of Attraction and guides you into understanding the hard-wired principles of the Universe. Dr. Vitale's no-nonsense, tough-love, entertaining, educational and inspiring approach goes beyond a superficial understanding of manifestation to giving you full power to create your own destiny. Chapters include --

* How to Attract Anything
* The Sole Purpose of Money
* What To do When LOA Doesn't Work
* The "What If UP" Club
* The Woman Who Sang Past Fear
* Law of Attraction Mistakes
* Masterminding with Mark Twain
* Attract $175,000 Today
* and much more!

Dr. Joe Vitale has written numerous books, including Zero Limits and Attract Money Now. He's a star in many movies, including The Secret and The Compass. He's recorded bestselling audio programs, such as The Abundance Paradigm and The Awakening Course and The Secret to Attracting Money. He created Hypnotic Writing and Miracles Coaching. His first music CD is called Blue Healer. His main website is www.JoeVitale.com He lives outside of Austin, Texas.

© 2011 Ascent Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781596598386

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