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Autor: James Barrington E-book

Paul Richter returns in his most dangerous mission yet.
In Syria, a ritualistic ISIS beheading seems like another barbaric part of a terrible war. But this time is different…

In London, Paul Richter is briefed about a series of seemingly unconnected events, notably a terrifying spate of seemingly random shootings in America. Something doesn’t quite fit. Before long Richter is on the case and in the line of fire.

It seems a plot far bigger than anyone could have imagined is brewing from the mountains of the Hindu Kush and the deserts of Syria to the heart of Middle America.

With no information, the clock is ticking for Richter – and millions of innocent lives.

For readers of James Patterson, Will Jordan and Chris Ryan, the Agent Paul Richter series is intense, visceral and totally unmissable.

© 2017 Canelo Action (E-book) ISBN: 9781911420491

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