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Midlife Crisis

Autor: Horton Knight Czyta: Sarah Owens Audiobook

This is a 3-book bundle, which addresses various subtopics, including but not limited to these:

Book 1: Some people in their midlife time period get trapped into what has been referred to as a “midlife crisis.” Others argue that such a phase does not exist, or if it does, then not everyone goes through it.

Despite the fact that life circumstances may vary between individuals, the truth remains that some people experience extreme sadness, losses, envy, depression, decreased libido, longing for youth or missed opportunities, and so much more.

Book 2: This book is focused on the many aspects that pertain to a midlife crisis, including the definition, the despair, the drama, and the effects of it.

For example, in this guide, you will find more information about what you should do if you are in a midlife crisis to minimize negative impacts on your life. Another hot topic is what happens specifically to many women if they are in a midlife crisis. Furthermore, we’ll talk about handling a partner who is that stage of life and various tips you can use to improve your life.

Book 3: Many people worry about their finances, their lost opportunities, their health, and age at a certain time in life. But many of these worries can be turned into positive changes and adaptations.

In this book, golden tips will be given you to look at life in an optimistic light to beat the downsides of a midlife crisis. Factors that can contribute to your mindset are finding new opportunities, digging into philosophy, reassessing your finances, reverse aging, dealing with grief, seeing the good in this important life stage, etc.

I encourage you to invest a few bucks into turning your life into something more positive. This stage in life can be a great thing for you if you let it.

© 2020 Efalon Acies (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781664915398

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