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Millionaire Mistress 3: Chloe’s Revenge

Autor: Tiphani Montgomery Czyta: Katherine Dollison Audiobook

A bad bitch never dies, and neither will Chloe’s deceitful ways. Ride with author Tiphani in her third installment of the Millionaire Mistress series as she tells a riveting tale about money, lust, and revenge. Between sexin’ any man who can help her achieve her over-the-top goals, and on a crazed path of revenge, Chloe shocks us all with her newfound tricks of the trade. She’s come full circle—with a new man, new ammo, a fresh mission, and her old mischievous ways. You won’t believe what she’s got up her sleeve.

Chloe somehow regains her strength, and she resumes her mission to kill Oshyn once and for all. Everything seems to be going as planned, until Chloe’s new man surprises her with a secret that will destroy her forever. Buckle up … this is a ride you don’t want to miss.

© 2020 Urban Audiobooks (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781094109909