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Mortalis (2 of 3) [Dramatized Adaptation]: The DemonWars Saga 4

Autor: R.A. Salvatore Czyta: Terence Aselford, Richard Rohan, Michael John Casey, Colleen Delaney, Michael Glenn, Ken Jackson, David Coyne, Tim Getman, Joe Brack, Andy Clemence, Elizabeth Jernigan Audiobook

"The wheels are in motion to begin the selection process to determine the new Father Abbot for the Abellican Church. Prince Midalis and Bruinhelde travel with the Ranger Andacanavar to seal their blood-brothering by confronting the monstrous Shaggoth. The Rosy Plague tightens its grip across the land and Marcalo De'Unnero uses the potent mixture of fear and panic it produces to further the agenda of his newly-formed Brothers Repentant.

And in Andur'blough Inninness, Juraviel begins the tutelage of a new Ranger...."

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