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Night Terrors Volumes 10 - 12

Autor: Scare Street Czyta: Johnny Raven, Stephanie Shade Audiobook

The whispers of the night stir madness in your soul…

The haunting voices of children echo through the darkness. Ancient curses, sinister lullabies, dark nursery rhymes fill your ears—no matter how hard you try to drown it out with your screams. You feel your sanity slipping away as you struggle to escape this hellish prison…

Scare Street is proud to present Night Terrors volumes 10 - 12 in a single collection. A chilling tome of sinister stories featuring forty tales of nightmarish horror for your reading pleasure.

As you pound the padded walls of your cell, the voices in your head grow louder. You feel your fingers wrap around the hilt of a knife. There’s blood on your blade. Is it yours? Or someone else’s?

No matter. Even if you survive this night of terror, who says they won’t be back again tomorrow?

© 2021 Scare Street (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781667022352

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