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Options Trading: Crash Course

Autor: Ben Price Czyta: Jason Belvill Audiobook

Options have been a secret way to earn money used by the Wall Street insiders for decades. But now you can do it too, and all you need is your smartphone and some clear instructions on what to do.

• Find out how much you have to pay to buy an option, and how much you can earn selling an option.

• Discover how to get up and running trading options fast.

• Secret strategies revealed – use the tricks Wall Street insiders use to minimize risk and maximize profits.

• Gain wisdom about the methods professionals use to earn profits buying options when everyone else says it’s impossible.

• Find out what an Iron Condor is without being overwhelmed by complicated graphs and charts or high winded explanations.

• Learn how to sell options without owning any shares of stock and only having minimal amounts of capital.

• Find out how to use stock you already own in order to make monthly income.

• Then find out how to make a monthly income from options, without having to own any stock at all!

• While your friends are panicking with stock declines, learn how you can make money instead.

• Get insight into ways you can avoid the biggest risks of options trading, and be surprised at how easy it is.

• Find out what a credit spread is, and why you’d want to sell one.

• Discover the secrets behind straddles and strangles, and why they can make you thousands of dollars after a corporate earnings call.

• We’ll show you how to develop your own strategy and decide what is important for making profits.

• Apply safeguards that can ensure that you’ll make profits and minimize the potential loss of capital.

• Learn tips that can help beginners avoid common mistakes.

Are you ready to learn about options in a completely straightforward manner, without explanations that are high-minded and hard to understand?

If so you should download this book now.

Read Options Trading Crash Course, and save money and come out understanding things far better than you thought you could have.

© 2019 Author's Republic (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781982795962

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