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Positive Discipline for Preschoolers: For Their Early Years-Raising Children Who are Responsible, Respectful, and Resourceful, Revised 4th edition

Autor: Roslyn Ann Duffy, Cheryl Erwin, Jane Nelsen Czyta: Allyson Ryan Audiobook

Caring for young children is one of the most challenging tasks an adult will ever face. No matter how much you love your child, there will be moments filled with frustration, anger, and even desperation. There will also be questions: Why does my four-year-old deliberately lie to me? Why is everything a struggle with my three-year-old? Should I ever spank my preschooler when she is disobedient? Over the years, millions of parents have come to trust the Positive Discipline series and its common-sense approach to child-rearing.

This revised and updated fourth edition includes a new chapter on the importance of play and outdoor experiences on child development, along with new information on school readiness, childhood brain growth, and social/emotional learning. You'll also find practical solutions for how to:

● Teach appropriate social skills at an early age

● Avoid the power struggles that often come with mastering sleeping, eating, and potty training

● See misbehavior as an opportunity to teach nonpunitive discipline-not punishment

© 2019 Tantor Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781977389640

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